PICC Line Placement

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Line Placement

Soft, flexible catheter that is inserted peripherally, then advanced until the tip is in a central vein. A physician or practitioner may order a PICC line for patients with limited vein availability or depending on the length or type of infusion therapy prescribed.

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Peripheral IV Lines

Peripheral IV Lines

Short, soft, flexible catheter that is inserted peripherally. Placed to infuse IV medications that are less likely to cause vein irritation. Peripheral IVs are kept in place from 1 day to a few days. A midline or PICC is recommended for therapy that will last longer than 6 days.

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Midline Placement

Midline Catheter Placement

Soft, flexible peripheral access device that is not centrally located. A midline catheter can remain in place for up to four weeks. Midline catheters are indicated for patients with limited vein availability to reduce intravascular trauma.

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Skilled nursing services

  • Comprehensive vascular assessment
  • MST technique with ultrasound guidance
  • PICC line assessment
  • De-clotting and PICC line maintenance
  • Central line placement
  • Central line removal and troubleshooting
  • Skilled nursing follow-up visits

Continuing Education

  • In-service seminars for PICC maintenance
  • Staff education courses
  • BLS/ACLS/PALs Certification
  • Phlebotomy Certification

Additional Benefits to our Clients

  • CRNI® IV Nurses with Vascular Access Experience
  • Customer Service for Vascular Trouble-shooting
  • Collaboration with Hospital Staff
  • Partnership with Practitioners and Physicians
  • HIPPA approved Electronic Medical Records (EMR) documentation
  • EKG Tip Confirmation System