Technology continues to make strides in the medical field and as Infusion Nurses placing PICC lines on a regular basis, the use of ultrasound and ECG tip confirmation has made PICC lines more efficiently placed and reassures clinicians that the tip of the catheter is in the appropriate place.

TCS allows the clinician to visualize PICC placement from the first stick to the end-point and tip of the catheter. In combination with ultrasound imaging, the surrounding vessels and needle tip can be visualized. Furthermore, catheter location can be seen as the PICC is advanced through the vessel. The final tip location is confirmed using the ECG waveform.

While the use of x-ray to confirm the final placement of the PICC catheter has its place, it is costly, time consuming and can delay medical treatment. At Vital Line PICC and Vascular Service, we utilize the latest in technology to ensure that our patients have the best experience while decreasing discomfort, and possible complications during placement of the line and infusion therapy.

In addition to eliminating unnecessary exposure to radiation from x-ray, the use of a tip-confirmation system allows infusion therapy to be administered right away. This saves time, money and further delays in infusion therapy.

Vital Line PICC and Vascular Services does not endorse any particular brand of tip confirmation system. As a mobile PICC line company, our TCS units are portable allowing the units to be easily transported to the patient’s home, long-term care facilities (LTC), assisted living facilities, and even hospitals without this technology already in place.

If the facility’s policy and procedures includes the use of x-ray post PICC line placement, ECG tip confirmation can be used as a secondary confirmation system as ordered.

The use of an ECG Tip Confirmation is an optional service and may not be suitable for all patients. Please inform our team if you are interested in PICC placement using this technology.

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